English Applied Linguistics Programs

MA program

The MA specialization track (szakirány) in English Applied Linguistics is one of the three specializations offered in the Institute’s MA program in English Studies.

Applied linguistics is an interdisciplinary social science in the broadest sense incorporating fields such as linguistics, psychology, gender studies, sociology, anthropology and education. It provides an area of expertise for anyone wanting to do further studies concerning the relation between knowledge about language use and decision making in any of these fields or wanting to work where knowledge of these fields is required.

The MA specialization in English applied linguistics is aimed at deepening students’ understanding of the role of language in everyday face-to-face communication, in people’s strategic use of language, and the multilingual context that we live in in Europe. Another goal of the program is to increase awareness of and sensitivity to cross-cultural differences in language use, to explore the relationship between language use and power relations as well as help develop unprejudiced thinking about and attitudes towards languages, dialects, and minority groups.

The MA specialization provides excellent background for anyone going into a language-related area of work such as teaching, translation, language education administration, or any program where language-related polices are implemented or considered.

An overview of the required coursework and main other requirements is found here. Studies in English Applied Linguistics can be pursued further on the PhD level in the PhD program in this field.