EW4 Conference

May 30, 2008    

The Hungarian Academy of Sciences in Szeged, the Institute of English and American Studies, and the Cultural Iconology and Semiography Research Group (University of Szeged) organize the fourth conference on EASTERN & WESTERN TRADITIONS OF EUROPEAN ICONOGRAPHY highlighting the theme THE ICONOLOGY OF LAW AND ORDER (legal and cosmic).

* Daniela Carpi (Verona), DeLloyd Guth (Manitoba and CEU),
* Lubomir Konecny (Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague),
* Zenón Luis Martinez (Huelva), Alison Saunders (Aberdeen)

*July 6-10, 2008, Szeged, Hungary*

Papers will reflect on artists’ and user communities’ verbal and visual representations of legal and cosmic order as reflected in the arts and literatures of Western and Eastern Europe throughout the centuries.

“Go to the website of the conference »”:http://primus.arts.u-szeged.hu/ieas/ew4/ew4-title.htm