The Institute offers a downloadable course syllabus for each semester. This syllabus contains all the courses offered by IEAS structured as explained below. To download the current catalogue, please go to our document center and choose the document you wish to read from the Syllabus group (It is always the current syllabus, courses by instructors and courses by time and venue.)

Items in the syllabus show the following pieces of information: the Title is followed by the subject area of the course (general, literature, history/culture, linguistics, language, methodology), the years (1, 2-3, 2-5, 4-5), and the degree programs it is offered for (ENG, US, 3YP, 2YU). ETR codes are also given. English and American Studies double majors have to fulfill extra courses where they would have the same requirements in both their majors. The selection from which they can choose the extra courses are marked by “USEng” under the ETR codes: AMB1-23, AMB1-33, AMB1-44, AMB2-35, AMB2-42. Special remarks indicate if the course is compressed, or sponsored by some organization (e.g. The British Council, or the ERASMUS program). The head of the item is followed by a short course description.