Nurturing Excellence

What are the ways you can test if your work at the university is worth something more than grades? There are several possibilities for students who excel in their studies to improve and test their academic skills: local or national level workshops (talent show workshops, TDK) and student exchange programs to foreign universities (ERASMUS, Kellner, West-Virginia). These activities can result in getting an Institute award (Wodala, Thesis publication).

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The Institute offers a downloadable course syllabus for each semester. This syllabus contains all the courses offered by IEAS structured as explained below. To download the current catalogue, please go to our document center and choose the document you wish to read from the Syllabus group (It is always the current syllabus, courses by instructors and courses by time and venue.)

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Guides & Regulations

Please, study our student guides which inform you about the structure of the programs as well as about possibilities and obligations at our document center. For those who write their major paper, BA or MA thesis, useful downloads are also listed there. The list and the documents are always the latest ones in effect at the time of download.


It may be useful to look into the list of previously defended ma theses. Perhaps you get some idea for yourself to find a thesis topic. You can also borrow these works from the department office. For details check the billboard of the institute! MA theses defended The Students’ Scholarly Paper Competition is a good entrance to the world of science and scholarship. Learn more about it here:

Erasmus Exchanges

A great opportunity is to go to another university to study for a few months. This can be done within the framework of the ERASMUS exchange agreements of the European Union. The Institute has several links and exchange sites in a number of countries, e.g. Brno in the Czech Republic, Birmingham in England, Oulu and Turku in Finland, Göttingen in Germany, Milano and Verona in Italy, Cracow in Poland, etc.

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Assistance Group

Az Assistance öntevékeny csoport 2002. október 2-án jött létre a Szegedi Tudományegyetem Bölcsészettudományi Karának Angol-Amerikai Intézetében azzal a céllal, hogy megpróbáljanak valami újat hozni az intézet életébe. Az Assistance utódjaként működő Assistance Group jelenleg 12 taggal rendelkezik, akik között minden évfolyam képviselteti magát.


Faculty–student mentoring program for first-year BA students

In the week of September 17th, the IEAS will continue its “mentoring program” for full-time (nappali) first-year English-major students. In this program, first-year students will meet with a faculty member at various times throughout the rest of the first year.

The mentoring program will give you a chance to meet with a faculty member in a small group of students where you can ask questions and talk about the BA program and also find out where you can get information about what you need to do this year and in the coming years in the Institute of English and American Studies. Moreover, meeting with your mentor will give you the chance to talk with an experienced faculty member about your progress through the first year of the BA program, your interests and goals, and give you the opportunity to consider how best to approach your studies in the Institute.

You have been assigned to a faculty member and will meet with that person in groups of four or five students for around an hour in three meetings throughout this year. The list of students and mentors is on the first-year notice board. The first meetings will happen in the last weeks of September and first week of October. Your mentor will contact you by e-mail to suggest the time and place of the meeting.

We’re looking forward to meeting with you!

Don Peckham, Thomas Williams and Fenyvesi Anna of the Communication Task Force


A list of useful links for research and academic information.

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