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Mobile browsing

We have launched the mobile version of the IEAS website, active for the majority of smartphones, handheld and tablet devices. All you need to do is to use your mobile browser and point it to the regular URL of IEAS, and you will automatically get the mobile version of the site, with complete functionality. Of course, you can always switch back and forth between the web and the mobile versions. (Please note that some links/pages will only work in standard web browsing mode due to security concerns.)

We have enabled the web-app functionality for iPhone

Mobile homepage on iPhone

Get mobile with IEAS

At the Institute of English & American Studies we are committed to the implementation of the latest technology to improve our connections with students – alumni and present students alike. One way to do is, of course, to ask you to visit our website regularly, or use our RSS channel, but with the new platforms provided by smartphones, we thought we could do it even better. So, here are our completely free apps both for iPhone and Android devices – feel free to download them.

If you have questions or suggestions to improve our apps, please feel free to contact the webmaster!

Sync your devices to your IEAS Apps account

Oh, and did you know that you can sync your smartphones and tablets with your IEAS Apps services? Give it a try – the service is automatically activated on every user account.