(Angol Nyelvű Irodalmak és Kultúrák PhD program)

About the Programme:

The PhD study programme, “Literatures and Cultures in English” is affiliated with the Doctoral School of Literature and Culture, Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences, University of Szeged. Accredited since 1995, the program is designed to provide students with interpretive skills, academic research tools, and critical perspectives in the fields of British and American literary and cultural studies. Students are introduced to advanced theoretical fields such as history and theory of literature, the multimediality of culture and some aspects of gender studies. Regular practice of academic research tools in the information society and the digital humanities is also presented during the course of studies. Students participate in interactive seminars, research seminars and thesis writing practice.

The programme accepts applications in the following areas of research:

  • Theories of literature and culture
  • British literary history from the Renaissance to the present
  • British intellectual and cultural history, including arts, music, popular culture.
  • American literary history up to the present; intellectual and cultural history, including arts, music, popular culture.
  • Women/Gender Studies with an Anglo-American horizon.
  • The Multimediality of (Anglo-American) Culture
  • Selected topics in Canadian, Indian, South-African and other post-colonial literatures.

Programme structure:

The study programme comprises of four years, during which two years are devoted to regular course work with mandatory participation (cf. study matrix). This period is concluded by a gate-way complex exam which only once can be repeated. The third and fourth years are mainly devoted to individual research and writing the dissertation. In the meantime students are expected to attend scholarly conferences and publish scholarly articles. During one semester they also teach a BA course in cooperation with their supervisors. The dissertation must be submitted not later than 5 years after the enrolment in the program.

Admittance in the programme is decided upon a submitted portfolio (including CV, project proposal, and a writing sample [an MA thesis and/or a scholarly research paper]) and an oral entrance examination in the form of a Skype interview. Each admitted student is assigned to one or two (co-)supervisor(s) who advise the graduate student in research and developing his/her dissertation. Based on a credit system, courses completed at other institutions can also be accepted upon individual assessment.


Head of Doctoral Programme: Dr habil Anna Kérchy
Head of Doctoral School of Literary Studies: Prof Dr Szajbély Mihály
Secretary of Doctoral School of Literary Studies: Dr Nagyillés János
Administrator of the Doctoral School of Literary Studies: Csapó Bianka
Administrator of Doctoral Affairs at the Faculty of Arts, University of Szeged: Dr Tóth Zsuzsanna
Doctoral Program PhD student representative: Bálint Szántó
MTMT administrator: Dr Cora Zoltán
Registrar’s Office (TO), International student affairs: Vida Enikő
Website’s admin: Larisa Kocic-Zámbó