Faculty & Departments

IEAS consists of three departments: English, American Studies and ELTEAL (English Language Teacher Education and Applied Linguistics). Their respective sites can be accessed from this page. The Institute is lead by the Director of the Institute in cooperation with the Institute Council.

Full-time Faculty

EnS = English Studies; AmS = American studies; ELTEAL = English Language Teacher Education and Applied Linguistics; HuS = Hungarian studies

Andrási Krisztina Assistant Professor (EnS) theoretical linguistics, syntax, phonology email, Ph: 544 258
Annus Irén, PhD Associate Professor (AmS); Deputy Director of Institute American culture, arts, religions, minorities in the US email, Ph: 544-000/3213, website
Árvay Anett, PhD Senior Assistant Professor (HuS) Hungarian studies, sociopragmatics, cross-cultural communication email, Ph: 544-685
Bajnóczi Beatrix, MA Language Instructor (ELTEAL) language skills, testing & assessment, English for business & administration, ESP email, Ph: 544 261, website
Balogh Erzsébet, PhD Senior Assistant Professor (ELTEAL) applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, language attitudes, teaching English and Hungarian as a second/foreign language email, Ph: 546-792
Barát Erzsébet, PhD Associate Professor (EnS) applied linguistics, gender studies, discourse analysis email, Ph: 544 256
Bloodworth, Adam, MA Language Instructor (ELTEAL) email, Ph: 544 525
Bloodworth, Rosalind, MA Language Instructor (ELTEAL) email, Ph: 544 689
Bocsor Péter, PhD Senior Assistant Prof. (EnS) modernism, prose, poetry and drama, postmodern, semiotics email, Ph: 544 261
Bukta Katalin, PhD Senior Assistant Prof. (ELTEAL) language teaching, methodology email, Ph: 544 689, website
Cora Zoltán, PhD Senior Assistant Prof. (EnS) Modern and contemporary British and European history and historiography, theories of history, classical, modern and postmodern aesthetics, British literature and arts (18th and 19th centuries) email, Ph: (36)-62-544-549
Cristian Réka Mónika, PhD, dr. habil. Associate Prof. (AmS), Chair of Department Theories of American Studies, American modernism, American drama and theater, film theory and the American film, gender and postcolonial studies in American film and literature email, Ph: 544 847, website
Doró Katalin, PhD Senior Assistant Prof. (ELTEAL) applied linguistics, language skills email, Ph: 546 792
Dragon Zoltán, MPhil, PhD Senior Assistant Prof. (AmS) film theory, digital culture and theories, literature and cultural theory, visual culture email, Ph: 544 847, website
Dudits András, PhD Senior Assistant Prof. (EnS) translation and interpretation email
Durst Péter, PhD Senior Assistant Professor (HuS) email, Ph: 544 685
Fenyvesi Anna, PhD, dr. habil. Associate Professor (EnS), Director of Institute general linguistics, sociolinguistics, language contact email, Ph: 544-262, website
Gombosné Haavisto Kirsi, MA Language instructor (ELTEAL) reading skills, English for business and administration, testing and assessment, learner intentions, ESP email, Ph: 544 261, website
Kenesei István, DSc/PhD, dr. habil. Professor Emeritus (EnS) syntax, semantics, prosodic phonology, syntax-morphology interface email, Ph: 544 258, website
Kérchy Anna, PhD, DEA, dr. habil Associate Prof. (EnS) literary theory, gender studies, body studies, Victorian, 20th c. and contemporary literature, children’s literature, the fantastic email, Ph: 544000-3045
Kiss Attila, dr. habil., dr. univ., PhD Associate Professor (EnS), Head of Department early modern English drama and theatricality, drama and theater theory, postsemiotics, semiography email, Ph: 544 260
Kovács Ágnes Zsófia, PhD, dr. habil Associate Prof. (AmS) American literature, Realism and Modernism in literature, Multiculturalism, Popular culture, Theories of narrative, theories of the novel, Ethics of narrative email, Ph: 544 847, website
Lesznyák Márta, PhD Senior Assistant Professor (ELTEAL) translation competence, language teaching, intercultural competence email, Ph: 544-689
Molnár Tímea, MA Assistant Professor (ELTEAL) applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, language in Canada email, Ph: 544-284
Nagy Judit, MA Assistant Professor (ELTEAL) applied linguistics, bilingualism, English as an international language, acoustic phonetics, translation email, Ph: 544-689
Nyikos, Daniel, PhD Assistant Professor (EnS) Creative writing (fiction), Victorian literature and culture, Gothic literature, science fiction email, Ph: 544-024
Peckham, Don, PhD Associate Professor (ELTEAL), Interim Head of Department applied linguistics, second language acquisition, language teaching email, Ph: 544 284
Péter Nóra, MA Language Instructor (HuS) email, Ph: 544 685
Péter Róbert, PhD Senior Assistant Prof. (EnS) 17th-18th c. British history, philosophy of the (counter-)Enlightenment, modern religious history, theories of culture and religion, freemasonry email, Ph: 544 549
Sávai-Matuska Ágnes, PhD Associate Prof. (EnS) Early modern literature and culture, drama semiotics, translation and interpretation, intermediality email, Ph: 544 259
Suszczynska Malgorzata, PhD Senior Assistant Prof. (EnS) pragmatics: theories of linguistic politeness and face-work, types of spoken discourse, social psychology email, Ph: 544 262
Szentgyörgyi Anna, MA Institute/ELTEAL secretary, ETR Referent of the Institute email, Ph: 544 024
Szépéné Ungár Erika, BA Institute Senior Secretary email, Ph: 544 259
Szőnyi György Endre, DSc/PhD, dr. habil. Professor (EnS) 16-18c. British literature, Renaissance, English music and visual arts, occultism, literature email, Ph: 544 030, website
Tápainé Balla Ágnes, PhD Senior Assistant Prof. (ELTEAL) EFL methodology, applied linguistics email, Ph: 544 689
Tóth Zsófia Anna, PhD Senior Assistant Professor (AmS) American literature and culture, American cinema and visual culture, Gender and literature, Gender and film, Cultural studies, Literary theory, Gender studies email, Ph: 543-213, website
Vajda Zoltán, PhD, dr. habil. Associate Prof. (AmS) American studies, intellectual history, 19th-c. century American history, cultural studies email, Ph: 544 264
Williams, Thomas, MA Senior Assistant Prof. (ELTEAL) language skills, translations email, Ph: 544 542, website
Zámbóné Kocic Larisa, PhD Senior Assistant Professor (EnS) Early Modern literature and religion, fandom and comic studies, gender studies, orality and literacy email, Ph: 544 256

Adjunct Faculty

Curleyné Rónay Zsuzsanna, MA email
Novák György, dr.univ, PhD email
Kocsik András email
Simon Péter email
Bakti Mária, PhD email
Csetényi Korinna email


PhD Students


Bristish & American Literature and Culture


1st year

Bató Ágnes Milton’s Paradise Lost, mirror literature email
Bálint Emma children’s literature, adaptation studies, new media email
Farmasi Lilla postmodern American prose, corporeal and cognitive narratology, phenomenology email
Molnár András Klasszikus rémtörténetek, vámpírirodalom email
Sütő Zsuzsa postmodern English prose, historiographic metafiction, philosophy of love email

2nd year

Berze András theatricality and violence, postmodern literary theory email


3rd year

Tóth Zsuzsanna Fantastic literature, cultural history, iconology email, Ph: 343-205


Applied Linguistics


1st year

Huber Máté
Mehdizadkhani, Milad
Vásári Nikolett

2nd year

Dely Zsolt
Duarte Garzón, Eliana
Korpas, Olivera

3rd year

Bozsó Réka
Füköh Borbála
Tovar Viera, Rodrigo