About IEAS Szeged

Welcome to the homepage of the Institute of English & American Studies (IEAS) of the University of Szeged, Faculty of Arts. This website is intended to provide a variety of information to a variety of prospective visitors: from interested colleagues all over the world to students who consider studying here in Szeged. Last but not least, this site is intended to serve our own students and staff who can get here the most current information on the syllabus, timetables, office hours, exam regulations, etc.

The site is thus structured into sub-pages leading the visitors through the history of the Institute and its predecessors, the Department of English Language and Literature and subsequently the Department of English & American Studies; then the description of the present structure and the various degree programs (including the postgraduate, PhD studies, too), the current course catalogues and exam topics, new acquisitions of the library, etc. We also offer useful links, some serve as study tools, others provide connections to the university, our city, and to Hungary.

IEAS publishes Papers in English and American Studies (PEAS). It has two series: collections of essays and monographs. To view our list of publication, please follow this link.

We hope that our visitors will find this site useful, interesting and attractive. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, please, feel free to contact us at .

Read about the history of teaching and researching English Studies at the University of Szeged.